Something about Mary...

Hi, friends!

I'm Mary, the founder of Sort and Sweet Inc, and being organized has always made me happy. When I was young, I had more fun putting away my Christmas gifts than I did playing with them and actually asked friends to rearrange their school lockers (weird kid, I know). Even back then, I appreciated the value of being neat and having an order to things.

As I grew up and moved around, those things became a burden to drag along with me. Purging my space of unnecessary objects became a natural extension to being organized. I noticed the less I had, the less stressed I was. As I turned 30, I was faced with a pretty serious health issue and was also increasingly miserable in my career path (or lack thereof) at the time. My coping mechanism was to simplify and sort my immediate environment as much as possible. It was in this process that I truly understood the power of organization and its benefits on one’s emotional, physical, and mental health. I was able to see clearer, breathe easier and, more importantly, thrive. The best part of all was that aha moment when I realized I could help others feel the same relief in their lives as I brought to my own!

For me, life is about people, places, and experiences, not material things. Yes, it is nice and sometimes essential to own possessions, but too many tend to take away from what’s really important to you. This is easily the main reason I have chosen a path working with people like you - to simplify your life so that you can truly live to your full and awesome potential. I’m so excited to join you on your journey!