Let's organize those food containers

Did you make this year the year to get healthy and meal prep? If so, you probably have lots of food storage containers and at your wit’s end trying to keep them organized.

Check out this week’s Tidy Tuesday Tip featuring our favorite products! You can also access them directly here. Happy meal prepping!

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Declutter your closet in minutes!

Do you find that 97% of your clothes are never really worn? But still afraid to donate them? You know, justtt in case.

Well, here’s a neat trick you can do in minutes that will help you physically know which clothes have had their day. Check it out on our new and improved Youtube channel and if you can give us a like and/or comment, we would really appreciate it!

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How to get and stay organized in 2019

Happy New Year! In lieu of blog posts, each Tuesday you can find a tidy tip video on our Youtube channel. For New Year’s Day, we chatted about how to actually set yourself up for success and keep that New Year’s resolution to get organized. Check it out here or below and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a tidy tip!

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10 Summer Items to Purge this Fall

Oh hey, October! Just when did you sneak up on us? Seriously. Is it me or did September feel like it lasted all of four seconds?

In my neck of the woods, the temps are getting cooler and sadly - so sadly - the beach days are dwindling. Regardless of whether you live in a colder part of the world or it’s hot all year round (in which case, I kinda hate you), there’s a purge that should happen at least once a year when it comes to our summer stuff. Doing this at the end of the season (or, again, if your season never really ends, just find a good time of the year to do it), will prevent you from being overloaded with things when all you want to do is get to the beach or the pool.

I’ve put together a list of 10 things you should go through and make decisions about whether or not to keep for the following year. Our summer stuff tends to get beat up pretty easily which makes our decisions easier. And you know by now, I aim to make everything as easy as possible!

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What in the what is MIND CLUTTER {+ how to kick it to the curb!}

Recently, I shared a post on Instagram where I explained that I suffered most of my life from mind clutter and that I would elaborate on what that is so, here we are! In the wake of seemingly constant news surrounding celebrity suicides, what goes on internally is much more important than we like to admit. My clients are quick to call me to help organize their physical clutter, but not as quick to address what’s going on inside, specifically in their minds.

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Video : file folding made quick + easy

Our quick and easy file folding method tutorial in one quick vid! If you'd rather be at the beach than finding or putting away your clothes (I mean, who wouldn't?), this just might help you out.

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Happy summer!

More beach, less beach bag packing

Happy July! If I had to pick a favorite month, this would be it. Summer is in full effect, which is also my favorite season, and that means beach days any chance I can get!

Now because simplicity is the name of the game over here at Sort and Sweet, I’m going to show you today how to pack a beach bag in just a few easy steps. If you’re schlepping your kiddies, we’ll need an extra step or two but the idea is that you spend less time packing and more time playing.

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How being organized can equal a hot summer bod

PLUS fitness + life tips from the adorable Chloe Crain, creator of Deeper Than Muscles!

Follow my lead here: being organized can actually help you get fit and stay that way. The biggest underlying, yet not always obvious, reason is that once one makes the decision to become more organized, it begins to positively affect all other areas of their life. You get your stuff in order, you get your life in order. Without even realizing it, people begin to improve things like their health, finances, and relationships. With summer (finally) at our doorstep, being in shape seems to be a top priority for a lot of people. In addition to the mindset shift, there’s also a number of logistical ways that organization can lead to looking and feeling your best so I just have one question. You ready for this?

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A one, two punch plan for spring cleaning

Thanks to the excessive JT memes, “It’s Gonna Be Me (May)” has been stuck in my head for days now. Social media is super awesome like that.

The issue with where I’m living is that it hasn’t felt like it’s gonna be May like it usually does. Temps can barely get into the 60s and I’m not sneezing like a wild woman due to pollen storms (I guess that’s a good thing?). In the past, by May I would have pulled all of my winter clothes out of the closet and packed away in space bags, opened the windows (and quickly closed them because of the sneezing sesh), and scrubbed my place top to bottom. I’m getting pretty antsy at this point, so it’s time to get it done regardless if I freeze because I put away my winter coats.

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