Welcome to Sort and Sweet!

What’s better than launching a shiny, new website? Launching a shiny new website AND a blog in one shot!

When the idea of Sort and Sweet started to form in my ever active brain, I began an Instagram account to offer organizing tips and gain exposure as a new business. I remember writing captions and wanting to elaborate on the subject but anytime I see a caption the length of a paragraph, I tend to roll my eyes and scroll on #sorrynotsorry.


Instagram is for quick shots of visuals, not tutorials. But enter the blog. Now I’ll be able to do more such as help you get your space organized, save some beans in the process (I treat bargain hunting like a sport), and provide overall tips to simplify your life. In any role I’ve ever had, I loved - and was naturally good at - problem solving. We all have problems, some big and hopefully most small. The goal is to minimize them so our days are as seamless and peaceful as can be. I get really excited when I do it for myself and really, really excited when I help others do the same.

My hope for you is that you’ll be able to use at least some of my tips in your own life and they’ll give you a sense of calm and order, as well as, your time and sanity back (you know, if it went missing in the first place). The world seems to be getting crazier by the minute but it doesn’t mean our homes and offices must feel the same. I’ll be posting weekly so check in when you can and let’s get organized together!


PS I would like to give a shout to my website designer for making this happen. While I may be good at problem solving, I fall short in the technical aspect and that’s where The Hawkwood Group came in! Leah and Ashton were amazing in creating this site even despite our three hour time difference (me: NY, them: Cali) and my obsessive need for it to be perfect. Thank you both for making my www.sortandsweetny.com dream a reality!