11 things to purge right meow (but no littering!)

(Side bar : If you get the above reference, call me so we can be friends.)

Whether we believe it or not, the holidays and 2018 are right around the corner. There’s something so exciting about a new year and a fresh start! I find that it feels even better when your life is uncluttered and open to receiving everything this time of year has to offer.

In the spirit of it being November, here are 11 things you can get rid of right now to clear your mind and space for the coming months:

1. Expired Foods : Time to purge that pantry and make space for Thanksgiving goodies! Spend just five to ten minutes checking the dates on dried goods and fridge/freezer foods. Seeing the big picture of what you don’t use often can help curb your future grocery spending habits.


2. Expired Meds : Ok, even I’m guilty of holding these past their due date but you’re not doing yourself any favors (especially if it's Rx cough syrup as I mayyy or may not have accidently found out once). The FDA lists how to properly dispose of expired medications here. And just like food shopping, your CVS trips might cost less once you realize how little you actually use certain products.

3. Old Towels/Sheets : Having holiday guests? Don’t let them sleep or shower with ratty, old linens! I mean, you shouldn’t let yourself either but having others stay in your home is good motivation to start fresh. If you need to replace them, opt for white ones to give a clean and serene feel (think hotels and spas ahhh).

4. Old Electronics/Headphones : Unless you’re a tech geek and plan on doing something with them, they’re just taking up precious space. If something works and is in decent condition, consider selling it using apps such as Letgo (I use this and can attest that electronics are the fastest money makers!). Old chargers can be recycled at your local Verizon store, for example. Or just give them to your tech geek friend and don’t look back.

5. DVDs : Honestly, do we even watch these anymore? With Netflix, Amazon and Hulu running the show, most movies you want can be found by streaming. There are people out there who actually do watch or collect them so it’s not a bad idea to sell yours online. Oh look, more money in your pocket just in time for Black Friday #chaching

6. Books : I’ve never owned a Kindle, I just love the feeling of holding an actual book especially on the beach! However, I read mostly self improvement/lifestyle books so I do go back and refer to them. Regardless, I keep the collection to a minimum by using the library (so old school, I know!), swapping with friends, and listening on Audible. Many libraries and thrift stores accept book donations and if you have expensive ones laying around (think school textbooks), try selling.

7. Flip Flops : Summer’s (sadly) over and I guarantee some of those flops have been roughed up. Unless they’re higher end and come with a lifetime warranty, chuck em and start new next year.

8. Jewelry : Recently, I cleaned out my jewelry cabinet and it felt so. freakin. good. I’m mostly talking about that costume stuff that doesn’t hold up well (I’m lookin at you, Francescas) and now I’m staring at only beautiful pieces I love. For those sentimental or expensive pieces that you don’t want to part with but never wear, contain them to one box and put in a safe, out of the way spot.


9. Makeup/Skincare Products : Change of seasons means shaking up your skin routines! Regardless of the time of year, if anything looks or smells funky, don’t even think about holding on to it. This is a good time to throw out mostly empty sunscreens, darker foundations, and dried out hot pink Essie bottles. An easy way to curb product excess is to buy mini versions of your favorite things (or collect free samples from Ulta and Sephora - I haven’t bought mascara in a year by doing this!).

10. Junk Mail/Coupons : Shred any with your info on it then take a minute to call and get removed from their list. Most stores email their specials which is definitely a better alternative to all that paper. Some will even text you which makes sense if you’re a regular. I basically live in the petite section of Banana Republic so a weekly text from them about their sales/coupon codes isn’t annoying!

11. Garbage : Ok, this might sound like a no brainer. But a majority of spaces I organize have some straight up trash just laying around. I’m talking water bottles, clothing tags, plastic bags. If it is garbage, pick it up and put it in the garbage (or recycling obvi). You deserve better than living side by side with trash and I know it, you know it, even raccoons probably know it. Which leads me to my finally point…

Holding on to old things - for sentimental purposes, you’re not sure what to do with it, or because you’re just being lazy - can actually get in the way of newer, better things coming into your life. Purging does require a little time and attention so dedicate a weekend morning going from room to room collecting those things that no longer serve you and make a decision right then where it’s going (for sale, donation, trash). I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how relieved you feel to have those things out of your home and focus on what this upcoming season is about!

I would love to hear if any of these tips helped you so leave a comment or share your photos on social media and tag @sortandsweet. Happy purging!