Ain’t no shame in a good shoe game…

Shoe buying addiction can be a real thing. Just turn on the TV to those, um, interesting Just Fab commercials and you’ll see. The media tries to place the idea in our heads that only us girls have this issue of buying too many shoes. But trust me, I’ve known plenty of dudes who can’t stop buying kicks. Hopefully some of the tips I give you today can help you organize how ever many pairs you own AND also keep them in great condition (which, in turn, helps keep the urge to buy more to a minimum!).

Hot in Heels


Let’s start off with some of the most difficult to store kinda shoes. I admit, not only am a sucker for a sexy pair of stilettos, I also struggled for the longest time with how to organize them. I tried everything from under the bed organizers to keeping them in their original boxes. Then one day, it dawned on me: duh, they have built in hooks! A double hang closet rod has worked really well for me but really, any ledge that you can place them on would work. If you want, you can install some inexpensive crown molding or a high rod in your closet. I do own a few fancy pairs so will leave those in their original boxes to really protect them.  However, I place them on a shoe rack just below my hanging heels so they are still in one spot. For sturdier heels, wedges or booties, I highly recommend either a shoe rack or even tucking them away in space saving bench or ottoman.

Fierce in Flats


While my collection of flats is not nearly as large as my heels (being that I’m barely 5’2’’ and usually wind up talking to belly buttons when flat footed), I still need to keep them contained. Depending on how many you have, all you need is one to two canvas bins and the two minutes it takes to place them in vertically. It’s best to store them with the toes pointing up, especially if there are any embellishments such as bows so they don’t get squished. All you need to do when you wear them is pull em out and then pop em back in. A little cleaning tip: once a month or so, remove all of the shoes and be sure to dump any debris that might have fallen to the bottom. The bin method will also work for both men’s and women’s flip flops and men’s shoes such as slip ons or boat shoes. For men’s dress shoes, a shoe rack is the best way to go!

Better in Boots


There are tons of ideas out there on how best to store boots from using cut up pool noodles to contraptions such as the Boot Butler. Hands down, the best way that I’ve found is by using skirt hangers. I simply attach a boot to each clip and hang them on a closet rod. The trick is to make sure the clips are rubber and not too tight otherwise they could leave an imprint on leather. If you are still concerned about this especially for your more expensive pairs, then I would definitely recommend using boot stands or racks. Rain, snow, and work boots do best on trays as they are usually the dirtiest and should be stored by the front or back doors, not your bedroom.

Slaying in Sneakers


When I want to get shit done - I’m talking a sweat filled workout or a day long organizing project - I do it in my sneaks. Just like with men’s dress shoes, a shoe rack really is the best option for everyone’s sneakers. They tend to get the ickiest of all your shoes so a rack gives them a chance to breathe while also keeping their shape. I know sneakers don’t come cheap so sometimes it’s hard to part with them even when they’re clearly past their prime. Try to keep only one or two really good fitting pairs of only the kind you use (whether it’s for training, running, hiking, fun, etc.) and get a couple years out of them. If you’re ready to buy new ones and your current ones are in decent shape, consider donating them to those less fortunate. Not all superheros wear capes, but they can wear sneakers!

I’m well aware that there are a slew of other shoe storage options, from cabinets to see through boxes and from over the door bags to hanging cubbies. Depending on the size of your space, these can absolutely work for you! Personally, I lead a crazy busy life so the quicker I can see and grab my shoes and get out the door, the better. And I would bet you feel me. Hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration to better organize your shoes and would love to see your collections. Take a photo and tag @sortandsweet on social media to have your footwear featured! Until next week, my pretties :)