The amazing + unexpected benefits of getting organized​​​​​​​

I hope you all had a fun and festive holiday with your loved ones! Now that the season is coming to a close, we all start to get back on track. Whether it be with work, school, fitness or finances, everyone usually has at least one New Year’s Resolution they make and try to stick with. But what if I told you by making the resolution to get organized, all of those other pieces of your life will, by default, improve as well? Hear me out here…

Clutter tends to block your vision - and I’m not talking just your immediate environment. When your space is cluttered with things, it’s hard to think straight and you lose a LOT of time and energy trying to find needed items. Many of my clients will describe their mess as “organized chaos” and claim they know where everything is when they need it. But when you live with family members or roommates or work alongside coworkers, all they have to do is touch your things and your “organized chaos” is now straight up chaos. This is why I’m adamant about everything having a home.

On the flip side, when you start to clear away the clutter and organize your things into their homes, suddenly you see the bigger picture and often that inspires you to declutter other areas of your life. Not only do you feel inspired, you also have more TIME to devote to those other areas. Think about how much time it takes you to get dressed in the morning or to find that client file and add those minutes up. Let’s say you spend about 30 minutes per day looking for things (and I bet that’s on the low end). Guess what? You just gained 30 minutes to workout or meal prep. If you want to know how making the resolution to get organized positively affects all areas of your life, read on baby...

Working on your fitness

You don’t need a study to tell you that getting in shape is the most cited New Years Resolution. If you’re already a gym rat, all you have to do is see how crowded it gets in January. The problem is sticking with it. When you commit to being organized, there is a level of discipline that you must follow, the same as when you stick to a workout program. It may not be fun putting your laundry away or getting dressed to go to the gym but once you’re all done, you feel sooo good. As a dancer, music is a huge part of my life and I find it super motivating. It doesn’t matter whether I’m lifting or sorting, I find the most upbeat station on my Amazon app and turn it up! And, as I mentioned before, you have more time (the #1 excuse for not working out) to dedicate to the gym or classes when you’re more organized.

IMG_1894 2.JPG

Your diet goes hand in hand with fitness. You’re not going to spend all this time getting in shape then ruin it by hitting up the McDonald’s drive thru (hey, maybe you will, that’s your prerogative). Eating right takes time and money (another topic I will touch on below) and it also takes space. If your kitchen is a disaster with plates piled up in the sink and no counter space to prepare, you’re going to take one look around and order in pizza. Having adequate space (and time and money) to prep healthy meals is crucial and you may also find it enjoyable! I’m not a cook by any means, but even I love popping a bottle of red and getting to work in a clutter free kitchen. Another benefit of having more time and space? Spending an hour or two on a Sunday meal prepping means MUCH less work to do during your busy week. Having enough storage containers with matching lids and fridge/pantry space makes this task easier and keeps your eating on track, as well as, prevents eating out. Which we all know is not only hard on your waistline but also your wallet.

Mo money, less stress

Speaking of wallets, how about we add some dough in yours? Being organized 115000% saves you money (number may be slightly exaggerated but whatevs). I can’t tell you how many times I find multiple items of the same damn thing in my client’s homes. The reasoning is always the same - they couldn’t find what they had so they bought more. The biggest money killer in my experience? Medicine. I’ve thrown out garbage bags of expired, unused boxes and bottles, I’m talking they were never even opened. Now that’s a huge waste of moola.

Organizing your tangible things also makes you want to organize the intangible. Yes, I know, paper money is technically tangible but not too many people walk around with a ton of cash on them. (If you do, let me know next time I see you.) Think about the last time you really looked over your credit card statements or investments. What’s working and what’s not? Are you missing payments because you misplaced your bill or are so disorganized, you just forgot? Without trying to sound all lecture-y, it’s best to go paperless and sign up for text/email alerts or, better yet, automatic payments. You’ll save so much time and usually money in the long run. With the holidays and my trip coming up, I slacked on checking my accounts and when I finally did, noticed I had forgotten to cancel a subscription I meant to and it cost me more than I wanted. Sometimes you learn lessons the hard way but why if you don’t have to? With extra time on your hands, look over your accounts and see where you could cut back/save more. It’s well worth the investment (pun intended).

Can’t knock the hustle


Whether you’re working, going to school, or juggling both, your success depends a whole lot on how organized you are (both in terms of time and things). When I was working that 9-5 flow, I tended to leave the office earlier than others because I was so well organized that I didn’t waste any time sifting through my files. I’d get some jealous glares from colleagues but it was a small price to pay for more free time. Now that I own my own business, I have to be even more organized, especially with my time. I’m not clocking in or out so I have to set boundaries and be very productive during my working hours. I keep saying 2018 will be my “hustle hard” year so I spotted this planner in HomeGoods and couldn’t resist (despite the fact I am neither a pink or glitter kinda girl). As much as I love being paperless (almost everything I do for my business from contracts to invoicing is done electronically), there’s something about writing down your schedule and to do list that helps organize your thoughts.

The same goes for your schoolwork. Pretty sure I wouldn’t even come close to being accepted to the college I attended if I tried now because expectations are SO high. You really gotta be on the ball to manage your different classes, extracurricular activities, internships, sports, and the very important job of partying. Organization is learned and it’s never too early or late to be a student. Having a system to your homework and studying will help you excel in school AND let you have extra time for those keg stands. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your parents (they probably see it all over Facebook anyway).

There are endless other benefits of being organized that I could write a book about...which may be on the horizon soon ;) In fact, I have quite a few exciting projects in the works and since my New Year’s Resolution is to dedicate time to work on them, I’ve made the decision to cut my blog writing back to once a month. Sometimes, sacrifices must be made so that bigger, better things can come to fruition. The same goes for whatever goals and aspirations you have. A little more time and effort is needed in the beginning to achieve them but the payoff is so worth it, you’ll be kicking yourself for not starting sooner. I hope that your 2018 resolutions include some sort of organization as I guarantee you’ll feel an amazing ripple effect in every other aspect of your life. In the meantime, have an amazing and safe NYE and I'll see you back here soon. And don't forget! A little party never hurt nobody xoxo