How being organized can equal a hot summer bod


PLUS fitness + life tips from the adorable Chloe Crain, creator of Deeper Than Muscles!

Follow my lead here: being organized can actually help you get fit and stay that way. The biggest underlying, yet not always obvious, reason is that once one makes the decision to become more organized, it begins to positively affect all other areas of their life. You get your stuff in order, you get your life in order. Without even realizing it, people begin to improve things like their health, finances, and relationships. With summer (finally) at our doorstep, being in shape seems to be a top priority for a lot of people. In addition to the mindset shift, there’s also a number of logistical ways that organization can lead to looking and feeling your best so I just have one question. You ready for this?


Oh! And as an added bonus this month, I interviewed Chloe Crain, owner of the Deeper Than Muscles. We met the good ole fashion way (social media, obviously) and I was immediately drawn to her vibe and message. She believes that being fit goes way deeper than that. Not just your body but also financially and otherwise. Much like I firmly believe organizing your stuff goes deeper than just the stuff. See the connection?


Ok, so exactly how does being organized help you out in the fitness department? Let’s look at a few different areas.

Sweatpants, hair tied...


I don’t know what it is but getting dressed for the gym always seems to annoy me (it doesn’t take much to annoy me tbh). I currently am taking a hiatus from the gym and working out from home but still need to get changed. Having a designated spot for all of my workout clothes makes this super annoying (not really) task that much simpler. Having your yoga pants, t shirts, sports bras, shorts, etc. all within reach of one another makes it easy to grab and go. For tanks, I’ve always loved the shower ring on a hanger trick. I even throw in some headbands and a hat for the real sweaty sessions.

I asked Chloe how being naturally disorganized could affect someone’s fitness goals and LOVED that she included having her clothes ready in her answer. Many times it’s the simplest things that add up to big results:

“Being organized is vital to staying prepared, energized, and sane during busy work weeks and crazy, fun weekends. It's funny you ask about being naturally disorganized, because up until I was about 17, I was quite a messy person--my room, along with my personal life were all pretty much a mess. When I was disorganized in general, that would show up in all other aspects of my health: financial, physical, mental, social and spiritual too. For fitness goals especially, staying organized is essential to keeping up with such a demanding schedule and creating space to relax and not stress over what I am eating the next day or having to go back home after work to get my workout clothes: I stay organized by making sure I have food/snacks packed for the next day (I alwayyyys need snacks!) and making sure I have my workout clothes laid out the night before.”

Again, it sounds like a small step but having your clothes easy to grab, laid out, and packed in your bag can make a big difference in actually following through with your workout. Think about it: if you planned to go to the gym straight from work but were rushing and couldn't find clothes to bring, what are the chances you’ll just forfeit the gym altogether? Pretty high, trust me. Been there, done that.

Up in the gym, just working on my fitness


Ok so you've changed. Now what about your workout itself? I mentioned I’m taking a break from the gym itself and have actually joined an online fitness program and created an at home workout area. Having a designated spot for my dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mat - just like having a spot for clothes - makes them that much easier to pick up and put down. Making me more likely to want to work out. As far as the workouts themselves? Having a program you follow along - usually paid for but well worth it - takes the guesswork out of planning it for you. According to Chloe, “I follow the Deeper Than Muscles workout guides, which makes it super organized and easy to walk into the gym every day and know what my workout will be for the day.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a tried and true routine put together by a professional that all you have to do is follow along and get ripped? You not only have a place where you can track your progress, but a support system as well.

Eat your salad, no dessert

Ok, maybe a little dessert. But only if it’s portion controlled. Maybe?


Whether we like it or not, our nutrition goes hand in hand with our workouts. Having an action plan when it comes to what you eat is crucial to your success, whether it be to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain. Who in the hell wants to come home from a long day of work or spend hours on a Sunday meal prepping in a messy kitchen? Forget about trying to find matching containers or room in the fridge to store your healthy eats. Having an organized kitchen with all the proper tools makes it a helluva lot easier and more pleasant to cook and be armed with the right kind of foods for you and your goals.

Look, we’re all busy af. Being prepared and maintaining energy throughout the day with healthy food makes our busy lives a bit easier. According to Chloe, “I hear a lot from clients that they are ‘too busy’ or ‘have trouble sticking with it’ and I am a big believer that staying organized is essential in solving this problem. When I forget my lunch, can't find the shirt I wanted to wear or don't know what my schedule looks like for the next day, it's SO easy to feel like I don't have any time for working out or cooking dinner. Staying organized is one of the simplest ways to prevent from feeling overwhelmed and instead feel capable and prepared for the next day.” Preach, girl!

Making some small tweaks such as these can mean actually getting excited about working out and sticking with it longer than you ever have before. And, as I mentioned early on, once you decide to get more organized with your stuff, it often inspires you to take control in other aspects of your life, with your health as one of the most popular.

As Chloe says, “Being organized helps me in all aspects of my health. One of the biggest areas would be keeping my apartment clean and everything put away - seems weird that this would help maintain my fitness goals, but being able to come home from working out and shower and relax keeps working out fun and an awesome escape. Otherwise, when my apartment is a mess, I find myself at the gym thinking, ‘Ugh, I should really be at home cleaning’ and miss out on enjoying the workout. And I am a big believer that if you're not enjoying what you're doing, you will most likely quit doing it!”

Legit couldn’t have said it better myself. If you want to learn more about Chloe and her awesome outlook, check out her website and business that not only provides wellness but financial coaching as well. Because, as I’ve already tried to hammer in this point, all areas of our lives intertwine. When one is sloppy, the others usually follow suit. But when one starts to improve and thrive...well, then we all live happily ever after.

MDW might have come and gone but it’s not too late to hit the weights and work on not just your summer body but year round one as well. Or, you can give Fat Amy’s method a shot while tanning on the beach this season. (Seriously, don’t be surprised if you see me horizontal running on a towel with a beer in hand). Happy summer, beach babes!