Home Organization

Whether it be a junk drawer or everything under the roof, we can help you make decisions to get rid of unwanted items and create an order for the ones you love. For the items you want out the door, we will assist with removal in the form of dumping, donating or appraising/selling.


Office / Store Organization

Running a company, no matter the size, requires a great deal of focus and attention. We can help streamline the files or products needed to successfully keep you moving and generate even more business!


Virtual Organizing

Thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, we can schedule virtual sessions to get your space organized. We include an interactive checklist that we'll use together to keep you on track with your goals. PERFECT for anyone outside of the NYC/Long Island area that still wants to organize the Sort and Sweet way!


Life Coaching 

Feeling cluttered and overwhelmed in a few (or all) areas of your life? Mary offers one on one private life coaching sessions (virtually via Zoom) to help you overcome the disorganization, whether it be physical, mental, and/or emotional, and to get back on track to the life you were truly meant to live. 


Kinda Important to Note:

In person organizing services we don't currently offer:

  1. Packing (but can recommend people who do)

  2. Handyman jobs (but can recommend people who do)

  3. Large scale dumping or shredding (ditto on the recommendation)

In person organizing services we do and always will offer:

  1. Donation drop offs (or scheduling pick ups for whatever doesn't fit in our Sort and Sweet SUV)

  2. Supply shopping (in store or online)

  3. Showing up with all the coffee (or tea or whatever gets you motivated to get to organizing)