While we're big promoters of minimalism over here at Sort and Sweet Inc, there are definitely some products that help enhance ours and our client's lives in the quest to get and stay organized. We want to share them with YOU so you can enjoy them too!

Current Specials Running at The Container Store


The Five-Minute Journal

Hands down, the easiest and fastest way to find your happy! In just a matter of minutes a day, you can reflect on what you're grateful for in your life. From an organizer's perspective, this can go a long way in preventing impulse shopping or over buying! Find your copy HERE.


Those pesky food containers and lids need a home. What’s better than having a container for your containers?


When you need your daily items in a hurry, clear is the way to go! We love these containers for things like q tips, cotton balls and floss sticks because they keep them dust free.


Have trouble finding what you need when you need it in your closet? Using these dividers {at less than a dollar a pop!} help immensely!