Carolyn - New York, NY

Mary and Margaret were amazing! They created a closet and storage solution for my entire wardrobe that was organized, intuitive, and sustainable! 

They provided multiple strategies and included my input along the way for a customized experience that works for me. Sort & Sweet professionals work quickly, efficiently, and they created a fun, judgement-free work environment. They also provided great recommendations for how to store items in the future and how to identify items ready for donation (we created 6 donation bags in just 7 hours!). My closets look fantastic!

Overall, highly recommended!!

Tawana - Westbury, NY

Mary was so wonderful to work with. She dealt with my mother very gently and professionally which was my main concern. We got so much done in the two days that she was in my mother's home. Her positive energy, strong work ethic and organizational skills were so motivating helped the process move along so quickly. Her resources that she recommends and uses are also great. I highly reccommend her. She is terrific!

Kira - Oceanside, NY

I've outgrown the systems I used to organize my apartment so I invited an expert, Mary, into my home. She quickly maximized my current systems, showing me ideas and strategies I would have never thought on my own. Now everything I need is within reach and I can quickly and effectively inventory my cabinets before grocery shopping and meal planning. This woman knows how to maximize space!

Fran - Deer Park, NY

She is wonderful.

Derek - Southampton, NY

Mary is thoughtful, capable, and incredibly talented at bringing order to your home or office. Not only will you find space in your life, you will be able to find your possessions again. I highly recommend her professional organizational services!

Laurie - Huntington, NY

Mary is energetic, resourceful and a delight to work with. She is prompt and considerate; her integrity is sterling. We hired her to help us organize my mother's belongings and empty her apartment following her death. It was a great comfort to have Mary's kindness and skill to rely on at a painful time in our lives.

Maura - Rockaway Beach, NY

Mary is very thoughtful in her plans for organization and was very good about catering them to fit for my needs to have my space suit me. Super hard worker. Would highly recommend.

Cheryl - Hicksville, NY

Very professional. She knew exactly what to do. Wonderful experience.


 Yaa - Chicago, IL

Check out what she has to say in this short takeaway video!